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Hansi Hinterseer: New love with 56!

Hansi Hinterseer with his Romana
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Just before the silver wedding ...

How nice that we can talk about a marriage that is just happy! Like that of Hansi Hinterseer (56) and his wife Romana (51). Although there are people who are surprised that Romana does not accompany her husband Hansi Hinterseer to every performance - right now the two of them are enjoying their togetherness. The couple are at the beginning of a new phase of life, even love. And this is just before the silver wedding in the next May.Denn: Your daughters are now fledging - and that gives the caring parents finally more time for themselves again. Jessica (24), the big guy from Hansi Hinterseer, is currently looking for an apartment with her sweetheart, the German racing driver Timo Scheider (32). Laura (22) supports her father Hansi Hinterseer behind the scenes in his work. But she is also (private) long on her own. There are couples in which the sudden emptiness in the house triggers a marital crisis. Hansi Hinterseer and Romana enjoy their new freedom. A wonderful opportunity to remember why you fell in love with the others. And to discover what still fascinates him today. The singer Hansi Hinterseer is absolutely clear about what he has on his wife: "Nothing is easier than an infidelity. Only: Do I need that? If you want to go the same way, you have to do everything for it. " With this attitude, the couple is guaranteed the golden wedding ! Click here for the biography of Hansi Hinterseer