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Pleated Looks: We love wrinkles!

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We stand on fine wrinkles ...

... at least on the new summer dresses, skirts and blouses. We show you how best to wear pleats now.

Pleated for beginners

The blouse has wrinkles at the front and back, which jump up from the chest and hide small fleece on the belly. The floral pattern makes pleats less voluminous. A narrow pair of jeans ensures that the silhouette gets the right balance. High shoes stretch the leg, but airy sandals look chic too.

Blouse about 17 Euro, Gr. 36 - 48, synthetic fiber, C & A. Jeans ca. 35 Euro, Gr. 36 - 44, BW-Mix, Kaufhof. Sandals about 86 euros, Gr. 36 - 41, imitation leather, Zalando. Bracelet about 15 euros, plastic, Schwab

Pleated for advanced

Large pleats can be applied quickly. Round women should therefore turn to dark tones. There are extra curves for androgynous figures. Tip: A waist belt also provides femininity. A colored jacket exudes summer flair, with black it becomes elegant. With footwear we have the free choice.

Dress about 50 euros, Gr. 36 - 42, synthetic fiber, Zalando. Cardigan approx. 55 Euro, Gr. 32 - 48, BW-Mix, bottom. Sandals about 40 euros, Gr. 36 - 42, leather, tamaris. Chain about 8 euros, metal, Topshop

Pleated for trendsetters

Pleated pleats make the maxi skirt finely - but a printed T-shirt compensates for this quickly and ensures nonchalance. Slim-cut pullovers look pretty too. The skirt rather buy a little bigger, so that the wrinkles on butt and hip do not jump. Seamless panties are now worth gold.

T-shirt about 12 Euro, Gr. XS - XL, synthetic fiber, C & A. Midi skirt approx. 50 Euro, Gr. 32 - 44, synthetic fiber, Topshop. Chain about 24 euros, metal, accessorize. Espadrilles approx. 80 Euro, Gr. 36 - 42, synthetic fiber, Görtz

Everything stays in shape

If the wrinkles do not look good anymore, are crushed or crumpled, this simple trick helps: If the bathroom is still damp and steamy after showering with hot water, hang the garment on a stirrup in the shower. Due to the steam, pleats get back in shape - you can not iron the wrinkles!

The small wash-Abc

As pretty as the filigree trend pieces look, the treatment of wrinkles is not that easy. With our care tips you will have something of your new favorite piece for a long time

Synthetic materials: For garments made of z. B. Polyester cleaning is quite simple, since the pleats were permanently pressed by moist heat in the fabric. Wash the skirt or dress by hand in cold water in the sink, add a few drops of mild detergent and then hang the piece dripping wet. After drying, the pleats look just like before.

Clothing made of natural fibers: For materials such as wool or cotton, care should be left to professional cleaning. If you wash the clothes yourself, it can happen that the wrinkles almost disappear - then to reinsert them is almost impossible!