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Justin Bieber reaches over a million "dislikes" on YouTube

The song "Baby" gets the most "dislikes" of all time

Justin Bieber / Instagram
Justin Bieber is one of the most successful young stars. No one can deny that the 17-year-old has grown into an absolute superstar in the last twelve months. With over eight million Twitter followers and the most watched videos on YouTube, no other singer can bring him the water. But despite the great fame, Justin Bieber unfortunately also take criticism and failures. It has just been announced that the success hit "Baby" had to collect over 1.15 million "Dislikes" on YouTube. Of course, this number breaks records, because now the song belongs to the most hated songs of all time. Madness, we find! There are still some resistant to Bieber fever. But you do not have to worry about anything, more than 500 million people watched the video, and as we all know the Beliebers, they are all quickly helping out their darling and giving the "baby" video a "like" Reward.What do you say that so many people that "baby" video can not stand? RP