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Daniel Katzenberger on baby plans, botox and beauty!

Photo: © VOX / Sven Kaesling

As open as ever

In search of the best beauty tips Daniela Katzenberger traveled around the world for her documentary "Naturally Beautiful" ...

In an interview with "THE NEW BLADE", the cult blonde from Vox talks about baby plans, Botox and heartbreak. We have not experienced Daniela Katzenberger in such a personal way for a long time.

What is true beauty?

I always thought, true beauty has a lot to do with cosmetics. But true beauty is that you are happy.

Why is that?

There is always one person in the world who really loves you and totally loves you. I found that through my Lucas. He always likes me.

What did you try out on beauty tricks on the way?

I have my belly frozen on the belly or camel urine lubricated on the skin. The funniest thing was breast hypnosis. A man talked to my breasts for an hour (laughs). That's what men do to women more often, but that was job-related for me.

And, did it work?

The viewers can then see that on the show.

You had a real breast surgery. Would you put yourself under the knife again?

No. But when I'm twice that age, maybe mini things like hyaluron gel would be fine. But I would think again.

Some lasasen already with 30 years Botox splash.

No, I would not do that. I would never mess up like that.

What are you doing for the look?

I'm not going to the solarium anymore. And blonde hair is also younger ...

Have you ever regretted your surgery?

Never. I would not recommend it to anyone.

And what was it like being away from Lucas for so long?

Oh, bad. This has sometimes really broken my heart and him as well.

You should be trying to get pregnant ...

That's not true. But of course I have a baby wish.

As Daniela Katzenberger masters her beauty challenges, we still see Vox every Tuesday at 8.15 pm.