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Jessica Simpson wants to give birth to baby in high heels

Not even her doctor gets Jessica Simpson off the heels

Jessica Simpson / ©

You can count on Jessica Simpson, you really need a stupid celebrity statement. Of course, especially at the moment when she finally made her pregnancy official, she is allowed to speak in the media more often, and there is a laugh almost every time. She just had an interview with the "Us Weekly", in which she mused on her current figure, the baby bump and her height.Fraglich is the fashion designer, who also designs for chubby women, if they are indeed so comfortable in their own skin feels or just does it self-confidently. So she just said that she loves to show the babybump, as well as the rest of her new curves. "I'm definitely fatter than I ever knew, but I've never felt so connected to my body." Jessica Simpson feels comfortable in her body but still can not stand without heels. She seems to be just a running meter However, still cause problems, because the heels do not want to give them despite instructions of their doctor. "I went to my doctor yesterday and he said we have to get you out of those heels." I answered, 'Sorry, I'll give birth in those paragraphs!' That would have been nice to have a photo! SE