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Wreath for the lantern

You need this:

Photo: deco & style
  • approx. 7 stems Button camomile in yellow
  • about 7 stems of chamomile
  • some marjoram
  • Flower wire (from the florist)
  • Deco wire (from the florist)
  • wind light
  • secateurs
  • knife

It's that easy:

1. Free the stems of the flowers from excess green.

2. Lay flower wire around the lantern and shape into a suitable circle. Twist ends together.

3. Cut the flower stems with the rose scissors. Each bunch of flowers on the stem summarize and then fix them with Dekodraht to the wire wreath. Then fix the next mini flower bundle until the wreath is once circumnavigated. To incorporate some marjoram. Carefully put the wreath over the lantern.

Tip: If the wreath should slip off the lantern, stick adhesive strips in an inconspicuous spot.

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