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These are the consequences of this warm November 2015

About 20 degrees in November? Since you can also out in an airy dress ....
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2015 has one of the warmest November since weather record: with consequences!

What's wrong with the weather? At the moment we are experiencing the warmest November since the weather record! In parts of Germany we had almost 24 degrees - and this warm weather also has consequences!

When we think of November, we usually think of a gray sky, thick coats, woolly scarves and rain. But November 2015 is very different than normal.

The sun is shining, the thermometer shows more than twenty degrees - and in November! The warmest it was according to the German Weather Service on Saturday with 23.8 degrees in Emmendingen, Baden-W├╝rttemberg. "Of course, it is always a bit cooler at the end of the month, but with an average temperature of 9 degrees , it is currently the warmest November since 1761, " says weather expert Dominik Jung from the portal "" compared to the "image".

We do not want to complain about the weather, but it's really unusual! And this unnaturally warm November weather has consequences: The wasps are back! Lured out by the summer tempratures, they stream out again foraging.

So next year could turn into a wasp-rich year: even the winter of 2014 was very mild, which is why many wasps survived the cold season. That's why we had so many black and yellow insects this summer. This winter should be so mild again, which has the wasps again optimal survival.

In addition, barges suffer from the dry weather: the river levels are currently very low. The water level in Bingen am Rhein is currently 83 centimeters, for example. The long-term mean here is actually 208 centimeters.

Why do we have such warm weather at the moment? This is due to several factors: a mild air mass flown in from the south, a cloudy night, some wind, the cold air distributed on the ground, and sunshine during the day.

Only in the middle of the month, the temperatures should go back according to meteorologists.

Incidentally, the warmest November day since the beginning of the weather record was according to the weather service November 6, 1997. At that time, Rosenheim measured 25.9 degrees. However, no November has reached a previous average value like this November 2015.


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