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Protein ShakeAlmased: Losing weight with the metabolic turbo

Almased puts the turbo gear in the metabolism. Watch in good humor as the pounds tumble. This is how the weight loss trick works with the Almased diet.

War Almased so far only in the 500-g-tin available, there is the protein powder now in practical sachets à 50 g to take away.
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Successfully losing weight is easy. If you want to get lean and stay on it, you have to start with the metabolism. He is the key to feel-good weight and protects against the dreaded yo-yo effect. Basic requirement: a protein-rich diet with plenty of fish, meat, eggs, dairy products, soy, vegetables and almased . The protein powder stimulates the metabolism, favors the building of muscle and lasts particularly long.

The trick with the metabolic rate

Those who eat normally again after a diet usually increase and after a short time even weigh more than before. The explanation is simple: In the lean times, the body drives down the basal metabolic rate to get on with the energy reserves for longer. If you stop the diet, the basal metabolic rate remains low for a certain amount of time so that the body can replenish its fat reserves. A clever trick of nature that ensured survival for our ancestors. But today we are no longer dependent on it. A successful diet must keep the basal metabolic rate constant and prevent the yo-yo effect. This works with a balanced nutrient mix of high-quality protein, probiotic yoghurt and enzyme-rich honey . A combination as it exists in Almased. The nutrients - especially the protein - stimulate the metabolism already during the diet vigorously. This keeps the fat burning high, the reserves are tapped, we lose weight. Feeling of hunger does not occur because protein saturates for a long time: up to four hours. And even the good mood does not flute.

That's how Almased works

As a rule of thumb, should kilos tumble, we need to consume more energy than supply. As a start, a diet is suitable, which leads to a rapid weight loss. According to international studies, this route is the best basis for a permanent normal weight. This is how it works: Start with the protein drink Almased . One serving has 230 kcal. You can replace all meals with a drink for up to ten days, later two or one. The fear of deficiency symptoms is unfounded, because the body is supplied with all the important nutrients.

If you like it comfortable, replace the dinner by Almased . Slim in sleep actually works. At night, the body is particularly busy with fat loss. This works only if there is not too much insulin in the blood. The hormone is secreted by the pancreas after carbohydrate-rich meals to regulate the level of sugar. It also slows down the fat loss. Protein only slightly raises blood sugar levels, so insulin levels remain low. The fat loss is nothing in the way. Nice side effect: amino acids stimulate the production of the growth hormone HGH (Human Growth Hormone). In adults, it activates not only the metabolism, but also the cell renewal - we wake up strengthened and in a good mood.

Those who want to stay slim in the long term can not avoid a change in their diet. Experts advise a mixed diet of fruits and vegetables, a few carbohydrates, fish, lean meat, calorie-reduced dairy products and healthy fats. These polyunsaturated fatty acids are found, for example, in olive and rapeseed oil, nuts and seeds. You should eat between 1500 and 2000 calories daily. Get a rough idea of ​​how many calories are in the food and watch out for hidden fats.

Build muscle instead of break down

Most diets contain little protein and therefore attack the muscles. Proteins - medically "proteins" - are among the most important nutrients in the body. They are used for all important functions: they are significantly involved in the metabolism, serve as a means of transport, are stuck in the skin and hair and provide as so-called structural proteins for muscle growth. If the body is fed too little protein, it gets the nutrient out of the muscles. What has just fatal consequences in diets: instead of only fat and muscle mass is reduced. But muscles are great calorie burners, even when you're not moving. Because the mitochondria, the small power plants in every muscle cell, work around the clock. If you lose weight, you should make sure that your diet contains enough protein to prevent muscle breakdown. Those who want to do more, provide an additional strengthening of the muscles.

Sport supports Almased

Not only does the figure do well: regular exercise also strengthens the heart and immune system. In conjunction with an Almased diet, sport promotes the breakdown of belly fat. This so-called visceral fat annoys every woman. What is even more serious is that it is particularly dangerous because it releases uncontrolled fatty acids into the blood and damages the blood vessels. So give yourself a jolt and get active!

According to new findings, the body burns from the first minute on fat, the cardiovascular system benefits after ten minutes. Ideal are three times a week for 30 minutes each fast walking, dancing or jogging or three times per 60 minutes of cycling. Those who plan ten minutes of daily strength training are optimally cared for. But even those who can spare less time, does his health something good. For the sake of the figure, you should also use the afterburn effect (afterburning effect): After every sporting activity, metabolism and burning of fat go on for two hours at full speed. This effect can be extended by Almased. That's how the pounds melt by the way.

Quick help with relapse

If the balance shows more, replace a meal with a drink. But do not let them just think about your weight. That costs joie de vivre.