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Disgust shock: waitress is forced to wear high heels - that's what her feet look like

Bleeding Feet: Not uncommon in high heels
Photo: Istock

She is up all day. But she can not wear flat shoes. With severe consequences for her feet.

"My girlfriend's feet were bleeding until she lost a toenail, but the shift chief did not allow her to wear flat-bottomed shoes, " Nicole Gavins complains about conditions in a Canadian restaurant chain. And the picture of her friend's feet is worth a thousand words.

Joey is a Canadian restaurant chain. Again and again there is trouble, because the service staff is treated unfairly. Now a new scandal. Nicole Gavin's girlfriend is in pain. Nevertheless, all female personnel must wear high shoes. That's Joey's uniform for the waitresses . Anyone who has teased once in life can imagine the pain their feet will have to endure after a 9-hour shift. Nicole's girlfriend even lost a toenail!

But not only the shoe order causes displeasure among the employees of the restaurant chain. Female staff needs to buy a uniform. It costs around $ 30. Male staff may appear in their own black clothes to work. Of course, the male staff do not have to wear high heels.

On Facebook Joey tries to defend against the allegations: The company even publishes votes in which the chain was voted among the 20 best jobs for women in Canada . Quite brazen, assuming that they agree with Nicole Gavins and her friend. On Facebook, users complained directly and questioned the voting.

Here's how a Joey employee's feet looked after the shift:

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