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I think I'm great, but not perfect

I do not have to be perfect to be great
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Why are we always so under pressure to want to be perfect?

"Perfection is boring!" Yeah, yeah, that's right! But it took me a while to realize that although I'm not perfect, I'm great at it. And that is anyone who simply accepts his imperfection.

Monday morning: I'm standing in front of the mirror. The tummy a bit thicker than before the weekend. And the clothes are not sitting anyway. What does that do to me? I get in a bad mood and question myself. But more and more often I manage to be satisfied - even if I'm not perfect.

I have the feeling that many of the women I know are bothered to want to be perfect. Be it as a mother, lover or as a friend. The perfect body, the perfect character and the perfect career. Honestly, how should a person be so perfect?

And the pressure is on: who is the best mother, who goes to sports most often and who has the hottest clothing style? Who should keep up? What often goes by the wayside is listening in and out. How do I find myself? If you only listen to it and pay attention to how others find you, you may not even notice how you find yourself.

I eventually stopped thinking about what might not be perfect about me and started looking at my talents, my things I like about my looks and focus on my strengths. And that worked. I am not perfect and somehow very great. So what?

Fortunately, more and more brands are telling me that I do not have to be perfect to feel great. For example, Esprit is one of them. With the #ImPerfect campaign , Esprit celebrates the imperfection of each individual . The message: It's great to be different and not perfect. What's more, being different also means being more interesting. I like it again. Also with my Monday morning tummy.

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