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Laughter guaranteed! The 20 best football jokes for the European Championship

Photo: Sporrer / Rupp / cultura / Corbis

Football Championship 2012

European Football Championship 2012 - on 8 June, the ball finally rolls back. While the men already equip themselves with beer crates and counting the days until the kick-off of the first game, many women do not like to think of the evenings in front of the TV ...

Our tip: take it with humor! It's only four weeks. Four weeks in which our men bring their boy's heart to jump, like little boys their kicker stars - or even annoy.

In order for you to say something as a woman during the European Championship - and above all to laugh - we have a few wonderful football jokes for you. Because no matter if at work or at the next party - with soccer jokes you will ensure a good atmosphere everywhere.

Even with one or the other man, you can score with a good football joke . Tell football jokes - and enjoy the thrill of joy, which will trigger the European Football Championship in 2012 again.

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