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She counters figure bullying with this selfie

This photo posted Rachel Taylor from the dressing room.
Photo: Facebook

"If you have nothing nice to say, you should not say anything"

Actually, Rachel Taylor just wanted to do some shopping until she hit a nasty comment on plus-size fashion right in the heart. But her brave photo response to the figure bullying is now viral on the Internet.

No one is completely satisfied with himself and his body every day, that's bad enough. But when other people make fun of you, cracking fat jokes and constantly dealing with the problem areas, that's hell! And that's exactly what happened in a locker room of the US clothing chain "Old Navy" in the state of Louisiana.

"I was just shopping at Old Navy when I stood between a teenage daughter and her mother, and the girl took a plus size top off the shelf, showed it to her mother, and said, 'Look, I and someone else could get into this Fit a tank top! ' Her mother laughed and said, 'Yes, you could! The part is huge! "Rachel Taylor posted on Facebook.

Rachel Taylor, herself wearing plus-size, hurt the conversation so much that she cried. She could only sit in the car and cry for minutes, she continues. But instead of escaping from the situation, she gathered herself, went back to the store and tried on the shirt.

"After all, I bought the tank top, because it just looked great! Be nice, think before you judge others, and if someone hurts you, do not let it get you down!"

Rachel Taylor posted the selfie from the locker room on the Old Navy Facebook page. Since then, it has been leaked over 255, 000 times, collecting nearly 12, 500 shares. The fashion label also responded to the post: "Rachel, you're great, we want to celebrate your great style and send you a gift certificate."

And on all negative comments, Rachel Taylor wrote:

"First of all, thank you for all the nice words and that you shared your stories in the comments, I never thought that more than a handful of people would see this picture (...) but I appreciate your nice words very much.

However, posting a photo on social media is NOT an invitation to criticize, mock, or judge anyone. Calling me a crybaby, advising me to save my money on a therape or telling me that I have to do 'something' against my weight ... what does that matter to you except that you look like idiots? Sitting behind a keyboard and judging the lives of others does not make you any better, it makes you a troll. I do not want alms, I would not accept them. There are enough people who need clothes. I can buy my own (...).

Obviously I did not handle the situation (in the business) well, but I survived it and feel better and more courageous about it. I wanted to share my story because I love my new top from Old Navy and think it's good that they make cute clothes in all sizes. I refuse to delete (the photo), because people should know that they are not alone with their concerns, and even if they seem ridiculous to others, feelings are important. As my mother used to say, 'Anyone who can not say anything nice should not say anything.'

And we can only agree with that.

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