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Infidelity video: Infidelity wife gets caught by her husband's best friend

Affiliation posted on YouTube: This can happen when one of the man's best friend gets caught.
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That could happen if someone goes astray

Whoever goes astray must assume that the fraud will have consequences. But a man resorted to a special measure to punish the unfaithful wife of his best friend.

Really much is not visible in the video below. But we see and hear enough to be able to assess the situation. The man with whom the woman in the clip was obviously just snogging around, is - as it quickly turns out - not her husband. Here we actually see the video of an infidelity that was filmed by none other than the horned husband's best friend.

The best buddy caught the unfaithful woman namely in red handed and presented them directly in front of the camera to the speech. When asked what's going on there, she just answers. "You know exactly what happened here." She also admits that the man next to her is not her husband. For the husband's best friend, the situation is clear. He then tells the lover who he is and says goodbye with the words "Have a good night".

A little later, not only is the husband to learn of his wife's unfaithfulness, but also the entire world. The infidelity video will be released on 10/11/2014 on YouTube and today has more than 3.5 million clicks.

Clearly: It's not nice to be deceived by someone like that. Nevertheless, it is a little difficult to understand why this is why such a public kind of punishment and the unfaithful wife so exposed. Especially if the person who has resorted to this particular measure is not the dupe himself, but his best friend.

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