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Sew sweet heart pendants from fabric leftovers

The pretty heart pendant can be used in many ways
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Springy decoration idea

The cute heart pendants are jerky, sewn from scraps of fabric. In the Easter season, they are particularly beautiful as a pendant on ornamental cherries.

That's what you need for the followers:

  • French chalk
  • pink (plaid) fabric
  • fabric scissors
  • pink satin ribbon
  • Sewing machine and matching yarn
  • fiberfill
  • needle and thread

And that's how easy it is:

1. Use a tailor's chalk to transfer a heart shape of the desired size plus 0.5 cm seam allowance twice to pink (checkered) fabric.

2. Cut out heart shapes and place them on right to right. Put a loop of pink satin ribbon for the suspension in the middle.

3. Sew the heart together, except for a small opening for turning.

4. Turn the heart.

5. stuff the heart with stuffing (craft shop).

6. Sew the filling opening with needle and thread by hand.

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