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Victoria's Secret in the Critique: Perfect Body Campaign

Sure, Victoria's Secret Model Behati Prinsloo has a great body - but is it perfect? The "The Perfect Body" campaign brings the underwear label now in Erklärungsnot.
Photo: Victoria's Secret

Petition against body dictation

According to the new Victoria's Secret campaign, there is only one perfect body - and it looks like an underwear model. How critics do it now and what's really behind the ad.

The brand "Victoria's Secret" surrounds a great magic. The one-million-dollar bra, spectacular fashion shows, the who's who of the modeling industry regularly adorns the lingerie label's campaigns. A piece of sex appeal and fantasy that you can take home in the stores for little money.

But Victoria's Secrets latest advertising idea does not go down well. The recently launched advertisement for the "Body" -BH shows a group of models, all with similar stature. Including the phrase "The Perfect Body" . The message? There is only one perfect body. And that should look best, like that of a Victoria's Secret model. So at least many Twitter users have interpreted the campaign and launched the hashtag #IAmPerfect as a countermovement to the body dictation.

What the ad wants to say? The advertised bra is called "The Body Bra", so it should not really be about the perfect body, but about the perfect bra. Sorry, Victoria's Secret, that's just not over. For many, the campaign gives many an unrealistic ideal of beauty - and that's the real problem.

In a world where we can barely see a picture without Photoshop tuning, many women feel tremendous pressure to trim their bodies to an ideal and that can lead to eating disorders or self-loathing, such an ad only pours oil into the fire, A campaign with just that statement is not in vain in the criticism, it has the potential to make women doubt themselves. And that makes us sad.

And we are not alone with this opinion. On there is a petition against the "Perfect Body" campaign and Victoria's Secret is to apologize for the "irresponsible marketing".

"Every day, women are confronted with advertising that can tarnish their self-esteem and fuel insecurity about their own body image, only in the hope that women will spend money on things they are supposed to make happier and more beautiful, " the petition says which has collected more than 8, 000 signatures to date. "Victoria's Secret's new ad alludes to the uncertainties of women and sends out a destructive message with the words 'The Perfect Body' next to very thin model bodies.This campaign is hurtful, it does not celebrate the different types of women, it just calls a single body type 'perfect.' '. "

Let's hope that Victoria's Secret changes its marketing direction. We do not want to buy underwear to feel better, hide something or change. We want to feel great in our body. And exactly as it is.

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