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Column: Pssst ...

There is only one thing that is more annoying than starving yourself: When the sweetheart starts counting calories, JOY editor Sandra Szjwach thinks.

Column Psst: men and diet
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The whole disaster began in our bedroom two weeks ago in the morning: "Oh, God, where does this belly approach come from?", My friend shouted with a slight panic and pinched his hips mercilessly in front of the mirror. Apart from the fact that the said "belly approach" is a tiny vault that I have known for ages, I underestimated the seriousness of the situation and mumbled sleepily: "I really see nothing, come back to bed."

A man on a diet

But for Schatzi, this was the start of a new, body-conscious era. In plain language that meant: no more carbohydrates, but tons of protein and sports. For me, that meant passing the cozy evenings in our favorite restaurant or on the sofa. Instead of watching DVDs together, he prescribed after the office tennis or running. And when I asked him what he wanted to eat, came in regularly: "scrambled eggs with ham" or "steak with salad - but only with very little oil."

The end of the song: After a week I could no longer see steaks and eggs, but I had developed a huge craving for risotto and pasta. I wanted to quench it with our Italian around the corner, during a romantic dinner with him. But can you imagine how much fun eating with Mister Atkins, who only ordered goat cheese on rocket? Then I also got an almost hostile look from him, as I always ordered my spaghetti Frutti di Mare.

I was a bit jealous too. My appetite shrank, but the thought grew: What if he suddenly found my hips too luscious? Besides - and I suppose I'm talking to all women from the soul - there is almost no bigger no-go than a man whose thighs are thinner than his partner's. Granted, I was a bit jealous too: The whole renunciation did not seem to bother him and on top of that, after seven days he already had nearly three kilos less!

Fun while losing weight

When my best friend said to him, "Your face has become very narrow. Are you on a diet? "And he replied, " I'm constantly changing my diet and it's even fun! ", All the alarm bells rang. I do not want a man by my side who has the figure of Otto!

Salvation brought the typical male error of thinking "Liquid calories do not count", after which my friend lives - and why he went to celebrate last Saturday with his boys vigorously. Groaning from the bathroom the next morning, it was not his headache, but the number that indicated the scale. Two kilos more? Oh honey, that's not bad ...!

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