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Concussion confession Roger Whittaker: "I want to die before my wife"

A picture that touches us: Roger Whittaker with his wife Natalie. She is the love of his life.
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There is a quiet and special charm about spouses who have grown gray together and in love. How they are - still! - hold by the hand. How they look at each other and understand without a word. Years of deep affection and fate have united them indissolubly.

Roger Whittaker (74) and his wife Natalie (68) are such a couple. They have known each other for 46 years, have five children, eight grandchildren and live in Ireland, Natalie's home. No shadow clouds that happiness, one might think. But when NEW POST met the famous singer now in Hamburg, he revealed his biggest concern and made a shattering confession ... With a glass of wine it is suddenly about serious issues We are sitting in a restaurant in the Hanseatic city, want to talk to him about his new album ( "So many years with you" ) - and the big tour he plans next year. And there, with a glass of wine, there are suddenly very serious issues - as we talk about his marriage to Natalie. She is the love of his life. When Roger Whittaker saw her for the first time 46 years ago, "I knew: that's her!" He says. At that time he was 28, a young man, "and I had no money to carry her to a rendezvous. Still, she married me three months later, though she never wanted to marry an artist, " he laughs. Still today, his eyes light up like those of a young man in love when he talks about his beloved Natalie. Staying alone - for him a cruel performance Next year he celebrates his 75th birthday, Natalie their 70th. Whether they celebrate big? He does not know that yet. "The most important celebration is finally in four years, " reveals Roger Whittaker, "our golden wedding." And then he suddenly becomes serious, speaks of death. Because: A life without Natalie - he can not imagine. "You do not know what's going on - she could be left behind without me or me without her." For him, it's a cruel idea to have to live without the beloved wife. Roger Whittaker: "We do not talk about it often. But I say to her: Please make me go in front of you. " He thinks for a moment, adding: " You know, if a couple was together for a long time and one of them has to go, then it is often the case that others dies shortly thereafter. If I can choose, I want to die in front of my wife ... " Two years ago, Natalie had heart problems

Sad thoughts. But who could not understand Roger Whittaker? He confesses, "I'm indebted to Natalie for what I am, and I'm grateful she's by my side." Two years ago, she had heart issues. Luckily she's fine again today, but Roger Whittaker confesses: "I was scared to death!" For him, Natalie is the rock in the surf. It not only strengthened his back in the 50 years of his stage career, but also gave him a wonderful family: After two adopted girls, three children followed, and Roger Whittaker loves everyone. He has told his two sons the secret of a happy marriage: "Your wife is always right, " he says and laughs again amused. "Then we all have a wonderful time" His children and grandchildren are the lifeblood of the singer, who admits: "I miss the time when everyone still lived at home. But they often come to visit. And then we have a wonderful time. " In such hours, all gloomy thoughts fly by Roger Whittaker - although he knows: One day the moment of farewell is forever ...