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Robert Redford: So he overcame the shadows of the past

Robert Redford - a stunning smile!
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Today he is happily married to a German

Yes, it's true: a new love - it's really like a new life.

His good friend, director Sidney Pollack († 73), once said of him, "He will always be thirty, blond and perfect." And a bit, that's true: Robert Redford, now 76 years old, we all know as good looking, radiant film heroes - but hardly anyone knows what shadows of the past he had to overcome.

At the age of ten he fights against polio, then there is the early death of his mother when he is 19 years old. The worst stroke of fate befell him 1959: the loss of his firstborn son Scott. The sweet boy dies of sudden infant death in just two months - a tragedy for the young father. Robert Redford: "We did not know anything about this phenomenon back then. We thought we had done something wrong, blamed ourselves. "

One year later, daughter Shauna is born, followed by son Jamie (1962) and second daughter Amy (1970). The family lives contemplatively in Utah, away from the hustle and bustle of Hollywood. Nevertheless, the marriage breaks up with Lola (73) in 1985. Another serious blow.

As an actor, Redford has long since become a superstar, shooting one of his greatest successes in 1985: In "Beyond Africa" ​​he is seen alongside Meryl Streep as adventurer Finch Hatton.

It's not going so well in love. He only has a few affairs. But in 1996 he meets the woman with whom everything turns out well: The German painter Sibylle Szaggars (55) moves in Utah on the neighboring ranch. 2009 wedding in Hamburg!

That he is still considered a heartthrob - Robert Redford himself must laugh about it: "In the past, the women almost fainted at my sight. Today they say: Oh, there is still one ?! "Yes, it still exists. And he is happier than ever.

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