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Crisp butt: How to style your backside round and tight

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So you get a Knackpo

Whether flat, round, wide or narrow - with our styling tricks every butt becomes a real eye-catcher. Plus: trendy shopping tips for a sexy downside.

Every butt is different - and the opinion of your own back part is quite different. Some find their downside too full and round, the others would like to have more volume and fullness. Still others want their butt to be lifted a little more visually and look more crisp and proportioned. With our styling tips, you can easily get exactly what you want.

You have a flat butt:

Women with a flat bottom are often annoyed that this does not look nice and looks a little lost in a pair of pants. That can be changed. Basically, it is always a little easier to do more magic than to have to hide constantly. When buying jeans, be sure to choose models that have back pockets that you can close with a tab. The fact that they protrude creates visual fullness. Incidentally, this effect also works well on skirts. Also advantageous if you have little curves: the farther the back pocket is applied away from the middle seam, the wider the buttocks and visually gets volume. Even if you can afford it figurtechnisch: A flat bottom is unfortunately even flatter in very tight skinny jeans. So try to buy the pants a little looser.

For a flat bottom, choose fashions that have light shades, as well as a little bit on the buttocks. In the spring that should not be difficult, because colored jeans give us the freshness kick now. Do not use high-waist parts, even when it's time to go. Unfortunately, they make your butt seem even flatter. Meanwhile, there are also figure-shaping underwear that can conjure a crispy butt. Thereby a certain padding is incorporated in the panties, which forms our reverse side - and emphasizes curves even under dresses better.

You have a full butt:

Women with a strong backside often complain about their buttocks. Too bulky, too undefined. Of course, sport helps here - and in the long run you can not avoid seeing a gym from the inside - but for the moment you can also help the butt with a few styling tricks to more crispness. In contrast to the women with little butt, you should definitely keep your fingers off noticeable, protruding back pockets here. These only make it rounder. If you still want to have parts with these, look for straight cut pockets on the buttocks. Small rule of thumb: the closer the pockets are attached to the middle seam, the narrower the butt visually looks. Incidentally, no embellishments and applications should be found on the front. Pants and skirts should be cut lower at the back than at the front. That works better.

Dark tones make a strong butt always look slimmer than bright ones. Even dark washings are allowed here. The cuts of the trousers and skirts may be calmly body-emphasized. Stretch is a good companion here because it pushes everything into shape. Speaking of form: Meanwhile, there are of labels, such as Levi's or Lui Jo and jeans, which have a shaping effect. Special weaving techniques, stitching and central back pockets raise the butt visually upwards and thus have a push-up effect.

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