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Shopping It's revolutionizing shopping at Zara

Zara will soon have something new that will revolutionize your shopping experience. Cash registers to scan themselves save you the queue.

Zara will soon have new funds
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What is more annoying than long queuing at the box office? Finally, after much back and forth, you have decided what you want to buy and then the snake almost goes out of the store. Who wants to hire? And that's why Zara will soon have something new: cash registers where you can scan your goods yourself.

Ikea already has self-scanner cash registers

We already know the principle: You scan your goods yourself. The furniture giant IKEA already has these funds. And indeed. We find them super handy. Because, if you have only a few goods, these cash registers are really faster. At IKEA, around 25-35 percent of all customers already use these funds. However, one can pay at the self-scanner cash register only with map. There is no one who could give out cash.

The cash registers at Zara are planned for 2017. But also other technical innovations at Zara please us. In one branch in the USA and one in Spain, a pilot project has already started with touchscreens in the cabins . Here the customer can see digitally, if the garment she is trying on is also available in other sizes. This should shorten the times in the cabin and avoid long queues at the cash register. Whether this really works, is still being tested.

We look forward to the innovations at Zara and are already looking forward to how shopping will feel in the future.

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