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Mama BlogI forgot my kid in the crib!

Mama blogger Timea from Munich writes for about her new life as the mom of a 1-year-old daughter. Every week she learns something new, she wonders, laughs and cries.

Forget the kid in the manger - a nightmare for mom blogger Timea!
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This week she writes about the shame of having forgotten his child in the manger.

My mobile rings, the crib appears on my display. I suspect something bad. They do not call to let me know that Léla has eaten well or shit in the diapers. They also do not call to tell me that they find the book about farm animals particularly beautiful. No. If the crib calls, then something must have happened. Illness, accident and other terrible pictures are buzzing around in my head. Just before I press the green acceptance button on my display it hits me like a slap in the face: I forgot to pick up my child!

Maternal nightmare

That sounds like a maternal nightmare from which most people wake up sweaty. In that case, unfortunately, it happened exactly the same way. I forgot that the nursery had to close at 12pm for a staff meeting and all parents were asked by mail to pick up their children in time. Well, now it actually happened to me.

Since I was not in the 500 meter radius of the crib, it took me another half hour to be with my daughter. I arrived at the nursery at 12:45 with my head down, guilty conscience and an aura of humility and shame. My sweetest, most adorable mouse was the only child forgotten. There she sat on the lap of a teacher in the nursery office. She could hardly keep her eyes open, she was robbed of nap.

Wo bist du Mama?
Where are you mom?
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Oh, it has already happened to you now?

Fortunately, I was not beheaded, impaled or pilloried. I was really uncomfortable. My girlfriend, who already has an older child, said to me: "Oh, so it has already happened to you?". I think the phrase means that some of us New Moms will probably forget to pick up our children one more time or another - from football, from the hoard, from the playgroup ...

For the last few years, I used my cell phone as an appointment book. It went wrong a few times and I should have known better. We moms (and dads) have a responsibility that can not be interrupted. The thoughts should always circle around our child. Do I have enough diapers at home? Did she drink enough? Is she hungry? WHEN do I have to pick her up today?

Keine neue Erfindung, aber immer wieder neue Erkenntnis - ein Terminkalender hilft das Chaos im Kopf zu ordnen
No new invention, but always new knowledge - a calendar helps to organize the chaos in the head
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Adieu Google Calendar

I wanted a perfect little planner from my husband for Christmas. I say goodbye to Google Calendar and hello to the old-school pocket calendar. The digital is not binding on me - the pen on paper shapes the writing more sustainable and better in my brain.

In the past I was always punctual and reliable. Now I'm scared, forgetful, confused. It started with the pregnancy - and did not end at birth.

I promise you Léla: I will always try to pick you up on time, so that you do not remain the last, poor child that has been forgotten.

Have you ever forgotten your child? Tell me about it in your comments!

Soon Halloween - rocking horse in duck costume, baby dressed as a panda ????

- Timea (@timeabishop) October 11, 2016

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