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Suddenly lonely: "So fast can an anxiety disorder destroy a happy life"

Hedi Schneider is stuck: A film shows how an anxiety disorder can destroy a family.
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So an anxiety disorder destroys relationship and family

Hedi Schneider is stuck - a movie shows how an anxiety disorder can destroy a happy relationship in a matter of weeks.

First it's just pressure on the chest, a touch of panic, dizziness and somehow the feeling that something is wrong. A few days later, Hedi Schneider is desperately on the ground, struggling for breath, his eyes panic, his arms are flailing. Her husband is shocked, helpless, has no idea what's happening to his wife. Finally he calls an ambulance. Hedi gets an oxygen mask and a sedative.

But the doctors can not solve the real problem. Hedi has developed an anxiety disorder from one day to the next. Again and again they attack panic attacks out of the blue.

"You know the feeling when you're afraid there's a monster under the bed. Mama always has the feeling that monsters are everywhere . " Hedi's husband Uli tries to explain to Finn, the son, why his mother suddenly sits in the flat only apathetically and can no longer play with him.

A clear trigger for the disease does not exist. Although Hedi is stuck in an elevator just before, but then it becomes clear that she still has other problems. Problems that many people know only too well. The job does not work out, the colleague gets sick, the son always wants to play and yells his soul out if Hedi does not react fast enough. The man absolutely wants to go abroad and focus only on it. And then Hedi collapses.

The anxiety crisis quickly becomes a test of the relationship. At first her husband tries to help her, but every week Hedi becomes more aggressive and her husband becomes more and more helpless. Neither the medication nor the psychotherapist can help. Even her mother reacts only with incomprehension: "I never thought that this would happen to you! If I feel bad, I'll take a cold shower!" But Hedi do not help cold showers. Instead, she swallows mass pills and rinses them down with alcohol. Disasters and embarrassing appearances are inevitable. In a bar she pats a stranger on the shirt. Hedi's husband despairs visibly, he does not recognize his wife again. Finally, Hedi's husband loses herself in the arms of another woman.

What else can a couple do in such a desperate situation? Hedi and her husband try a trip to Norway. They quit their jobs and disappear with sack and pack in a country that could not be quieter. In the silence find yourself again? It's certainly worth a try. The film does not give an ultimate answer, but at least it creates a space for conversation that can help us make our lives a little more peaceful.

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