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Happy Birthday, Angela Merkel: 60 years in pictures

60 years Angela Merkel.
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Angela Merkel profile

She wanted to be an ice skater, likes doner kebabs and almonds. You've never seen Angela Merkel like that before. Your best moments - Happy Birthday!

There will be no humorous break, no birthday party and no reception. Only a historic lecture - that's what Angela Merkel wanted. Your birthday wish: No gifts, but a donation to the José Carreras Leukemia Foundation.

Angela Merkel Profile - A small look back

60 years ago, little Angela Dorothea Kasner saw the light of day in Hamburg. Grown up in the GDR and never really taken seriously after the turn as 'Kohl's girl', today she is the most important and powerful woman in the world.

What did Angi want to become? Figure skater. She studied physics only because it was a challenge.

Which character trait is most important to you? Secrecy. She learned that in the GDR, said the Chancellor.

What she likes best? Döner, but without sauce. And almonds.

Who can call Angela 'grandma'? The 6-year-old Kasimir . He is the child of the youngest son of her husband Joachim Sauers.

What she does in her free time? Visit the opera together with her husband. Her favorite composer: Richard Wagner. But Mozart, Mahler and Bruce Springsteen have done the 60-year-olds.

Angela Merkel is the nation's 'mother'. Her drooping mouth is not a sign of doggedness. The Chancellor understands fun - that's what she has proven in recent weeks: kisses on the court and selfies in the cabin. The red blazer: a sign of success.

The Chancellor has made herself visually. For years she was ridiculed for her style. Today, she wears her hair a bit farther, her silhouette slackened. At least as worth mentioning: the Merkel rhombus. There is much speculation about their meaning. By the way, Angela Merkel remarks that she simply did not know where to go with her arms.

Happy Birthday, dear Angi! Just as you celebrated our championship heroes, so we celebrate you too. We have your life in pictures!