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What sleep positions reveal about us

Even those who sleep soundly chatter more than they would like - by their attitude.
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How to embrace ... that's how you love!

How to embrace ... that's how you love! That's what British sleep researchers say. The nocturnal lying position should provide information about the quality of the relationship. But even if you do not share your bed with someone, the sleep positions reveal a lot about your own personality.

Snuggled up close to your partner at night? For some, this is the only true way to the land of dreams. For others unimaginable. Just the thought of feeling the other's breath on the back of his neck and, in the worst case, hearing him snoring at close quarters makes nightmares come to life. It is better to turn to the treasure of the bottom of the coin, or to sleep alone. But how do the different slumber preferences explain themselves and what do they mean?

Professor Chris Idzikowski, sleep researcher at the Edinburgh Sleep Center, has analyzed the most prevalent sleep positions in a study of 1000 subjects. His hypothesis: Just because we can not control our movements in our sleep and only govern the subconscious, the body language suggests the character. The result is surprising: because "the meaning behind the sleeping position is not as obvious as it is supposed to be, " explains Idzikowski. For example, those who believe that couples who knot their legs together in a very intimate relationship are taught better. And all-four-of-itself-Strecker are by no means selfish ...

Curious? Then take a look at our gallery, which reveals your slumber attitude ...

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