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Kuku-Kube: The eye test with addiction potential

Photo: Screenshot Kuku-Kube

At Kuku-Kube you have to find the brightest box. Sounds easy? Wait!

This game is just the hit in the net: Kuku-Kube. You have to find the brightest boxes in 60 seconds. Sounds easy? Wait. This eye test is addictive!

What can be so hard to find the brightest in a bunch of boxes?

Yeah, that's what you ask yourself and eventually you even sit hair up in front of the screen and do not understand that you just can not see it - and others already.

The boxes become smaller from level to level, as well as the color differences between the boxes.

And of course there is the charm to be better than others. According to many, Kuku-Kube is currently trying out the net and sharing their results afterwards. Who was better than me, who could I beat?

Even a simple eye test becomes a competition.

>> HERE you can play Kuku-Kube online! >>

How far are you?

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