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Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner are again a couple

In the MTV VMA it should have sparked again between the Taylors

Taylor Lautner / Taylor Swift / ©

While Taylor Lautner has just taken the red carpet with Lily Collins for the premiere of their joint film "Breathless - Dangerous Truth", their private love is already cooled. This may be a casualty of the "Twilight" -Beige to blame, which twisted his head again properly. The "Star" magazine learned from an insider that Lautner since the MTV Video Music Awards to be back with Taylor Swift. "She raved about how much fun they had together. They phoned each other for the first time a few weeks ago and emailed after Taylor [Lautner] had contacted them. "Taylor Lautner sent flowers and a heartbreaking message. In 2009, they had a short-term romance that failed because both were too busy with their careers, Now there could be a sequel, because the Beau allegedly won back his ex with a bouquet of flowers and a heartfelt message. Real feelings, or just a distraction, after the relationship with Lily Collins did not work out? It remains to be seen what's really up to the new Taylor-Taylor connection! SE