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Bride receives 20 year old letter from her mother

The mother of the bride could not have made a better present!
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Mother & Daughter: A touching wedding present

For the wedding, this bride receives a very special gift. It is a touching letter from her mother, which she wrote 20 years ago.

When her child was only 18 months old and Sherry Backledge saw her sleeping so peacefully in her bed, she decided to write a letter to her daughter. When she was done, she put the piece of paper in her nightstand. He stayed there for a full 20 years.

Today, her daughter is 22 years old and married. Until her wedding day, she did not even know the letter existed. But on this day it should be: The mother hands over to her child, who was once so tiny, when she wrote the message and now stands as a bride in front of the altar, the special gift.

When Brooke Zugg reads the 20-year-old letter, tears begin to flow after the first few lines. Her mother describes how lucky she was in her home. Already eleven years before her birth, Sherry, who can not have children herself, had adopted a boy. When she talked to Brooke's biological mother at the hospital where she worked as an infant nurse, she offered to adopt her. Sherry immediately agreed. Brooke completed the family.

When it was certain that her daughter would marry, Sherry had already planned everything. She printed the letter on a piece of her own wedding gown. The personal gift brings the bride to tears. The family has always been very close.

In the sentimental letter, Sherry wants to show her daughter what a deep mother's feeling she has for her, regardless of whether she is adopted. Seeing her as a bride filled her parents with pride. On the day of her wedding, Brooke was to receive her mother's 20-year-old letter to know how much she was loved.

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