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Up to -19 degreesCurrent weather forecast: It is now so cold in Germany

High "Brigitta" still provides sunshine in many parts of Germany. However, in some regions, frost is still expected.

This week it will be very cold in parts of Germany.
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While it is comparatively mild in the coastal regions, temperatures in other parts of the Federal Republic continue to fall downwards. Already last weekend, some -19 degrees were measured in Bavaria. On Monday, the temperatures in the south continue to climb down. In the north and in the central regions of Germany, however, at -1 to -6 degrees it is still okay to take a winter walk. But there is less sunshine on the coasts.

By the middle of the week, temperatures on the coasts will drop, while in the south, temperatures will be slightly warmer. According to the maximum values ​​on Wednesday are about -3 degrees on the coast. In the south it is -5 to 0 degrees, in the west and east again +3 and +2 to +3 degrees. The lows, however, are still in the south, especially at two-digit temperatures - especially at night. This January is unusually cold. A spokesman for the German Weather Service said it had not been so cold for at least ten years. "In Munich, for example, an average of four degrees prevails in January, and we've only just reached that value."

Nevertheless, the weather is also something positive to win. By high "Brigitta" it is cold, but also clear and cheerful. This provides the ideal conditions for winter sports. The ski areas in Germany are currently enjoying great popularity.