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Short sleep for a lot of energy

SHAPE test: Powernapping

How relaxing can a short nap be in between? We wanted to know and did a round of powernapping with the "Inpulser" program.

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  1. Powernapping for more energy
  2. Extra portion of sleep

As soon as the lunch break is over, it goes downhill with the cycle and the desire for a nap is getting bigger. Who does not know that? No wonder, then, that the term power-napping, that is a curative rest, is enjoying ever-increasing popularity.

And why not close your eyes for 20 minutes if you can continue working full power? But does the bill really work? I want to know and will treat myself to an extra helping of sleep in the afternoon with Infrasonics "Inpulser" power mapping program.

At first glance, the "Inpulser" looks similar to a Walkman and can either be connected to the specially developed for sleep therapy HQ sound pillow or a headphone. The different "somnia" audio therapies are stored on SD cards that are used to load the neurostimulator.

Powernapping for more energy

The device was developed to help people with massive sleep problems by using acoustic stimulation. Infrasonics founder Uwe Storch has developed a long-term effective method to re-train the brain with the right "vibrations", allowing it to sleep well again, taking into account the world-wide recognized knowledge of physics and neurology.

And it actually seems to work. Because now some German top athletes use the "Inpulser" sleep therapy to improve their sleep quality - including Medailllenkandidaten for the Olympics 2012 as the triathlete Anja Dittmer and the swimmer Andreas Waschburger.

The "Inpulser" uses binaural and monaural pulsations as well as isochronous tones. That sounds a bit complicated, in simple terms it means: The "Inpulser" helps to set the brain frequencies to "sleep". The "Somnia sleep therapies", which are transmitted via SD cards via the "Inpulser", generate the necessary vibrations for a sound sleep in the recurrent sleep cycle of about 90 minutes.

Also for the short nap in between Infrasonic has developed a program in the form of an SD card. According to the manufacturer, this special power-mapping module only takes 20 minutes to successfully protect against the unloved power-down at noon. And how well that works, I'll sleep now.

Extra portion of sleep

Full of anticipation for a refreshing power nap I populate the Inpulser with the SD card, put on my headphones, make myself comfortable on the sofa and listen to the sounds that may come. Although the quiet music is calmingly melodic, but a bit strange I feel somehow already. Can I ever fall asleep with headphones? Now do not cramp, I think and try to relax.

And a few minutes later I drift off into my unfortunately not too long lasting dream world. Few seconds later, the pleasantly sonorous music has fallen silent. I cautiously interpret this fact as the end of my power-failing break. And the look on the clock shows me right. A pity, I would not mind to go on with music. But no, unfortunately today is over ... but it was definitely relaxing.

Conclusion: The first time took a while to relax. But with every other time it worked better. However, one must be able to fall asleep with music or noises, otherwise the Powernapping break could be difficult. That's why it's extremely handy that Infrasonics lets you borrow an "Inpulse" device to thoroughly test the device before you buy it. After all, the power-napping package costs around 430 euros. Further information can be found at:

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