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Get lean fastThe blood group diet: How to lose weight with your blood type

Quickly lose weight with the blood group diet: We introduce the diet and reveal what you should consider in your blood type.

With the blood group diet, you can easily lose weight
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Atkins, Montignac or Glyx Diet: There is no shortage of different weight loss programs. But most people forget that each body absorbs or processes food in its own rhythm. The blood group diet addresses these individual problems and suggests the appropriate diet for each blood type.

Who invented the blood group diet?

The American naturopath Dr. Peter J. D'Adamo found out in 1980 that the body responds differently to so-called lectins in foods in every blood type. Some foods can thus trigger a defense reaction of the immune system, causing the blood to clump. Metabolic disorders, hormonal or thyroid problems and excess fat production can be the result.

Peter D'Adamo's solution: By avoiding incompatible foods, these problems can be prevented and permanently reduced. That is why it is important to match the diet to the blood type.

His thesis leads the naturopath to the emergence of blood groups in evolution. For example, the oldest blood type 0 was created about 40, 000 years ago when humans were hunters and gatherers. From this he concludes that people with blood type 0 should still use too much meat today.

You know your blood type? Then find out which foods are suitable for your type and which you should perhaps better keep your hands off.

Blood group 0

People with blood type 0 come, according to Dr. med. Peter D'Adamo from hunters and collectors. Your digestive system is thus quite robust, produces a lot of stomach acid and can process meat well. The immune system is very active and reacts quickly to changes.

  • Recommended foods: Meat, poultry, fish, broccoli, green cabbage, spinach
  • Unsuitable foods: Whole wheat products, bread, beans, legumes, potatoes, corn
  • Nutrition tip: Five to seven times a week meat is allowed, but in small portions. For this you should rather eat vegetables instead of carbohydrate-rich side dishes like potatoes.

Dr. Peter D'Adamo advises to avoid milk as completely as possible, because people with blood type 0 do not tolerate it well. Algae, broccoli or nuts are recommended as alternative calcium sources.

Blood group A

You have blood type A? Then you descend from the first settled ancestors and farmers. This means for you: Your digestive system is sensitive and is difficult to break down animal proteins and fats. Your immune system is very sensitive.

  • Recommended foods: vegetables, soy products, fish, seafood, cereals (except wheat), legumes, fruits
  • Unsuitable foods: meat, wheat, peas, beans, dairy products
  • Nutrition tip: Especially red meat such as beef or pork should be blacklisted according to the blood group diet. Milk products are ideally replaced by soy products. When vegetables almost everything on the plate. Onions, in particular, stimulate blood flow and prevent clumping.

Blood group B

According to the naturopath, people with blood type B come from nomads and steppe inhabitants. Their digestive system is robust, they tolerate red meat as well as dairy and herbal foods. Their immune system is strong and adaptable.

  • Recommended foods: Meat (except chicken), cereals, fruits, vegetables, eggs, skimmed milk products
  • Unsuitable foods: chicken, buckwheat, lentils, peanuts, sesame, wheat products, crustaceans
  • Nutrition tip: If you do not want to give up chicken, turkey or pheasant is the best substitute. For fish lovers: herring is allowed, shellfish and crustaceans should not land on the plate.

Blood group AB

Caucasians and Mongols are the ancestors of people with blood type AB. In this case you have to do without almost nothing, because you can tolerate a balanced mixed diet. Your immune system is extremely adaptable.

  • Recommended foods: meat, fish, dairy products, grains, fruits, vegetables
  • Unsuitable foods: corn, buckwheat, chicken, nuts
  • Nutrition tip: Meat is OK with the blood group AB, but only two to three times a week. But you should refrain from chickens, which is supposedly less compatible. Vegetables and lettuce are high on the AB nutrition plan.

Criticizing the one-sided diet of the blood group diet

The blood group diet involves a very one-sided diet. Eating only meat or completely abstaining from milk can lead to an increased iron content or a low calcium content . In addition, it has not been proven that it actually leads to a clumping of the lectins in the blood.

Literature Tip

For anyone who wants to try this permanent dietary change, the book "The Blood Type Diet" will help you with tips on each blood type and helpful recipes.

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