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Daughter murdered: Mother burns down the house of the murderer

Brother, sister and mother of the victim watch as the home of the perpetrator burns down.
Photo: Screenshot / Inside Edition

A little revenge

Her daughter was raped and murdered. Now the mother acts: She lets the house of the perpetrator burn down. She has the right on her side.

If a child is raped and murdered, it will not leave stalwarts cold. Contempt and disgust quickly turn hate. Many sufferers feel the need to take revenge on the perpetrator. A mother from Jacksonville, Florida, now gets the chance: She burns down the culprit.

This is by no means an offense, a fact that makes the sight of the flames even more relieving for Diena Thompson. When she watches the house of the man who brutally murdered her daughter go up in flames, she feels a kind of redemption for the first time.

It's a parenting horror scenario that became a reality for the Thompson family five years ago. I'm seven-year-old daughter Somer goes to school - and never returns home. She is incarcerated, raped and strangled by then-24-year-old Jared Harrell .

For Diena Thompson, it is a small consolation that the perpetrator is caught and sentenced to life imprisonment. Now the state offers her the chance of a small personal revenge, which she takes immediately. The property of the offender should be used for charitable purposes, which may choose Diena Thompson itself. The choice of the mother is well thought out: she leaves the perpetrator house of the municipal fire department and thus burns it down legally.

The property is being used for practice purposes, Diena Thompson and her children may be present when the house of the man who murdered her daughter and sister goes up in flames. No house fire in the world can bring back the girl's family - but this revenge creates at least a little bit of inner peace for Diena Thompson, who will never forget her Somer.

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