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Rethink Homelessness: Homeless people tell their story

Photo: Screenshot / Rethink Homelessness

Cardboard Stories

Homelessness can hit anyone. That's what the current campaign calls attention to Rethink Homelessness, where homeless people tell their story on cardboard signs.

Homeless people are everywhere. In every city and every country, homeless people have become part of everyday life. You see them every day - and yet most people look away rather than go.

A fact is often forgotten: Homelessness can hit anyone. This is where the Rethink Homelessness campaign wants to start. With the help of the so-called Cardboard Stories, prejudices should be reconsidered and removed from the world. Homeless people tell their personal story-on nothing but their cardboard signs.

Many situations can cause a person to lose their roof over their heads. It does not always have to be about alcohol, drugs and violence. Every homeless man has his own, individual story to tell - as well as every person with the possibility to live.

The campaign was initiated by the Initiative Impact Homelessness in Florida. The organization should help people to get off the street. An important step on the way to a new life is the acceptance of society. Only those who open their eyes can help. Who thinks at the sight of a homeless man that this has a university degree? Behind the prejudices hide impressive stories of people who have built robots and raised children - and now live on the street. Rethink Homelessness shows: It pays to look.