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Primark removes a skinny doll from the shop window

The mannequin of the bump: ribs instead of curves
Photo: Twitter / Melfyx

Worried customer contacted Primark on Twitter

It's not the first time that extremely thin mannequins have been causing a stir: Now, even cheap chain Primark had to ask a few unpleasant questions.

While shopping in Glasgow Mel Fraser had discovered a Primark mannequin under whose bikini were clearly prominent ribs. A worrisome beauty ideal, the young mother thought and tweeted the photo to Primark :

"Is it really necessary that the ribs of the new mannequins protrude? And before anyone claims that I have something against slender women, I do not have, I would just like to see mannequins in shops of all shapes and sizes, before young girls think that's the only way to look. "

After the wash label scandal, Primark should be prepared for shitstorms of all kinds, so a reaction did not take long. In the reply tweet, they thanked Mel Fraser for the problem and promised to sit down the next day. In fact, the shop windows were changed two days later, and they also promised not to use the doll that way anymore.

A similar case caused a stir in April with the underwear brand La Perla . Again, the clothes were presented in a shop window on a doll with extremely protruding ribs.

The mannequin discussion will probably accompany us for some time - after all, you can see the meager mannequins not only at Primark or La Perla. Mel Fraser's idea of ​​simply using different dolls, we find great, because that would make "thin" not the only variant of "beautiful".