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Herbal peppermint pot with spoon

Fresh herbs give each dish a special touch. With this pot, you can easily plant mint with you in the kitchen and have it always at hand.

You need this:

  • Flower pot made of clay (hardware store / florist, about 1.50 Euro)
  • Acrylic paint in white, green and blue (craft shop)
  • 1 pot of peppermint (about 2 euros)
  • Wooden spoon (department store, about 1.80 Euro)
  • 50 cm nice gift ribbon (craft shop)
  • Rest of the photo carton for the label
  • Bristle brush and finer hairbrush
  • scissors
  • pen

That's how it works:

1. Paint the clay pot in a light pistachio green. To do this, mix white with a little green. Let dry.

2. Plant peppermint.

3. Using the hairbrush in blue paint, label the wooden spoon with the word "mint". Let dry and brush and put in the flower pot.

4. Beautify the pot with a tape and possibly attach a small greeting card.