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Howard Carpendale: Fear for his son Wayne

The honest interview

It is not often lucky to meet Howard Carpendale (65) and his son Wayne (34) together for an interview. We caught the two now while filming their new joint ARD film "Live your life". In an exciting father-son conversation, they also talk about an eerie experience that they can not forget ...

They were standing together in front of the camera for the first time. How was it? Wayne Carpendale: The big difference from working with other colleagues is that of course we know each other so well that one look is usually enough to know what the other is thinking. That does not mean that we always agree. Howard Carpendale: As a father, I was scared. I thought, what will I tell his mother if anything goes wrong? Was that the biggest fear in your life? Howard Carpendale: Once upon a time, I was much more afraid of my son when he disappeared. It was on the bike in the deepest south. We had a race. He was about eleven. I had won the race, but with such a large gap that I could not find it. Wayne Carpendale: I was so mad that I went another way without looking right or left. And it was not a good area. Howard Carpendale: I was very worried about him. I searched for an hour, he was nowhere to be found. A man told me I should not have left my son alone, his son was murdered there a year ago. Since I was really panic! What happened then? Howard Carpendale: My wife Donnice ran into a store screaming that our son was gone, and many people helped find Wayne. After an hour he arrived with a gentle need. He had gone on alone for miles. Your film is about father-son problems. Was that also between you and your family? Wayne Carpendale: Sure. This is normal. Sometimes we quarrel, sometimes there is trouble between us. But I have omitted a great rebellion, I think.

Howard Carpendale: I have two very stubborn sons. Wayne Carpendale: Where did we get that from ... Did you learn anything from Wayne even though he's so stubborn? Howard Carpendale: I do not mean it that bad. He has his head and does his thing, that's sometimes good, and sometimes I say that I do not think that's right. I learned a lot from my son. He saved my life at a point where I felt very bad. I mean that mentally, not physically. I was in a phase when I was down. And he felt it and just helped me. He got me out without asking. I thought that was great, that I never forget. Does the name Carpendale really mean a burden for the son? Wayne Carpendale: In the past, sometimes it was difficult for some of my older classmates to call themselves Carpendale. In my job, however, I never felt that as a burden. Of course, one or the other has ever thought, he only got the role because he is the son of Howard. But then I had to prove that I really can do something, that's just my challenge in life.