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Apple Watch: How smart is technology?

  1. Design vs. technology
  2. The technical features
  3. Innovative technology fashionably packed

Design vs. technology

Is the Apple Watch really a technical innovation or is it more about a fashion accessory? Here is the answer.

The big question: is high-quality design and technical progress mutable? Can the Apple Watch be just one of both - a fashionable accessory or technical highlight with many features?

The technical features

The digital crown: It sits on the side of the case and is used to operate the Apple Watch. Scrolling, zooming and navigating - no problem.

Force Touch: No Apple Watch without touchscreen. With Force Touch, the Smart Watch even detects the difference between pressing and tapping. This makes operation even easier.

The Activity App: With its help, the calories consumed per day, the movements and also how often you get up during the day. Combined with the Workout App, the Apple Watch wearer is so motivated to move more. For this purpose the accelerometer, heart rate sensor, GPS and WLAN of the iPhone are used, to which the Apple Watch is coupled.

Sending your own heartbeat: Now we come to the really great technical gadgets. Using the Digital Touch, the Apple Watch can send heartbeat rhythms. Simply place two fingers on the display and then your very own heartbeat will be recorded. If that's not a personal message.

Create your own emoticons: Even emoticons can be personalized - and that's when we simply draw them ourselves. On the display of the Apple Watch, you can let your creativity run free and then send their very personal drawings to their contacts.

Navigation device: The various sensors make it possible to always find the right way. The Apple Watch can analyze positions very closely and so gives the right tips to get lost. The highlight: we no longer have to look aimlessly at our iPhone, if we do not know the way itself. The Apple Watch steers us through vibration impulses. So we can literally pull our head up. That makes a good impression in any case.

The Taptic Engine: Whether you receive a call, receive a message, or are reminded of an important appointment, the Apple Watch will make you feel it. Because the clock gives haptic signals. These can also be personalized and adapted to the respective contacts. So you know immediately whether the friend or the boss reports.

Innovative technology fashionably packed

One thing is clear: The Apple Watch has a few technical surprises in store that are definitely exciting. But what about the design?

There will not be just one type of Apple Watch. Overall, Apple wants to bring three different collections on the market: the normal Apple Watch, the Apple Watch Sport and the Apple Watch Edition. Regardless of the collection, customers can choose between two different display sizes with a height of either 38mm or 42mm.

While the classic Apple Watch comes along very stylishly with stainless steel housing, the sporty line is particularly striking because of the many colorful color variations. With the Apple Watch Edition, on the other hand, you are well equipped to be a little more elegant. This is ensured by the gold and rose gold cases. The great thing: the bracelet and case can be exchanged easily. It never gets boring.

Our conclusion to the Apple Watch: It convinces with a beautiful and high-quality design and can be adapted to the individual style with the aid of the different collections. At the same time impressed the Apple Watch on the technical side with its many features that leave the wearer actually in any life situation alone. Style and technology go hand in hand here.

The Apple Watch is likely to come in early 2015 in the trade. Apple said the base model will cost $ 349. To operate the Apple Watch, at least one iPhone 5 is needed. For those who want to shorten the waiting time: The iPhone 6 and the iPhone 6 Plus will be on sale from 17 September in Germany. Every information is here.