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Proof of Love Valentine's Day 2017: Wear this earring forever

A video posted by Roland-Philippe Kretzschmar (@rpkretzschmar) on 11 Jan 2017 at 5:19

What can you give yourself for Valentine's Day? We already know: these little hearts earrings!

The Swedish jewelry designer Krista Kretschmar has come up with this unique piece of jewelry. This earring is an intermediate between earring and piercing. The trick: once the earring is closed, it can not be reopened without destroying it. The heart earring has no closure, but must be assigned (see above). Who wants to get rid of him, must inevitably break it.

A bit reminiscent of the principle of the Love bracelet Cartier, which is sold with a wrench. This is used to close the bracelet so that it is not so easy to open, and always worn. The bracelet is considered a love-proof jewelry. Of course that has its price. For example, the version in yellow gold costs around 6000 euros.

The heart earring by Krista Kretschmar is already a bit cheaper. On their side there are also models for around 300 euros. The new collection of the Swede with the beautiful name "Youternity" (a mixture of "you (you) and" Eternity "(eternity) will soon be in the online shop.

A photo posted by Krista Kretzschmar (@kristakretzschmar) on Jan 22, 2017 at 5:46 pm

Here you will find lots of beautiful heart earrings for Valentine's Day:

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