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Positive, please! These 10 pull-down sayings are taboo from now on.

We can remember 70% of all compliments - if they are said in the left ear. This is controlled by the right brain, which responds to nice words.
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More self-confidence

Unfortunately, we seldom encourage ourselves - and underestimate the power of compliments. Why we should praise ourselves more often.

Those who believe in themselves push their self-confidence . Of course, sometimes things are not going well in our lives - and we're starting to stumble .

For example, if we do not succeed in a long- planned project, if we do not have the right answer in a conversation or if we are just a little discouraged .

Then we humming, without hesitation, the maximum maximum penalty, talk to us "I'm so stupid!" and "I just can not do that!" and quickly lose ourselves somewhere between self-criticism and self-pity .

Stop it! From now on, we radically cut out our real pull-down slogans from our vocabulary - and lend us wiser sayings.

The ten sayings in our picture gallery may now be pronounced aloud for the very last time.

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