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This fashion rocks the 2013 festival season

Perfectly equipped for the open-air season: this festival fashionista
Photo: Getty Images

The open-air season is open!

In the festival season 2013, not only bands make their big appearance. The fashion playlist will also be outstanding: cool miniskirts and print shirts, casual jeans and leather jackets. There you can look up a lot!

All come to the legendary music festivals such as the Coachella or the Glastonbury Festival.

As the desert of California or the arable land in southern England quickly becomes a catwalk of creative outdoor looks . Colorful mini dresses, ultra-short shorts and casual boots are a must.

The only thing to keep in mind: The outfits should not only look cool, but also tolerate heat, rain, wind and mud.

Information on when and where the cool festivals take place can be found in our big appointment guide .

We proudly present: The coolest open-air companions such as plaids and stripes, skinny jeans and hippie dresses, casual jackets, slanted hats and even more stylish additions!