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Football Party: Give-a-way Cups

  • Disposable wine glasses (department store)
  • Spray paint in gold (eg

      from Marabu; about 7 euros; Craft store)
    • Creative scissors (about 3 euros, craft shop)
    • double-sided adhesive tape (eg from Tesa)
    • Cellophane bag (department store)
    • Satin ribbon in red and yellow (craft shop)
    • Beads in football form (eg by Gütermann, haberdashery, about 3 euros)
    • Computer with printer
    • scissors

    1. Spray disposable wine glasses in gold. Let dry.

    2. Print the signs with the computer and cut them out with a motivic scissors. Attach to the glass with double-sided adhesive tape.

    3. Fasten the cellglass bag with double-sided adhesive tape in the glasses. Fill bag with sweets.

    4. Tie the bag with a satin ribbon, cutting off the ends very diagonally and threading both ends through a bead in football optics.

    5. Glue satin ribbon around the glass stems with double-sided tape as desired.

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