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So thin! Adele met Katy Perry after her diet and was barely recognized

Adele after diet

We already knew that Adele had lost a lot of weight after the baby and her professional break. However, today she is almost unrecognizable.

Adele completely changed in meeting with Katy Perry
Photo: Getty Images, @katyperry on Instagram
Was there really only a diet at work here?

Katy Perry joined the backstage section of her London concert on May 28, 2014, and appeared in fine company on Instagram (@katyperry on Instagram). "... and during the second London show, the Queen graced me with her presence, " she wrote to the recording, which initially surprised us. Who is this lady, who should be so royal?

Stars in weight loss shows the gallery!

Yes, it's really Adele, with a whole new look. Has she really just lost countless pounds, through a diet? Her hair is cut to Long Bob, but her nose looks a bit different.

Currently the Diva is planning her comeback and on her first official gig we are really excited. Will the change of image also be musically noticeable?

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