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Detective agency wanted: Berlin police asks for assistance

This rapist attacked a woman in a café in Berlin. Now ask the police for help in order to catch the perpetrator.

Polzei Berlin is looking for this rapist
Photo: Istock

The most cruel act took place on the 9th of February. Now the police are looking for Berlin with the help of wanted pictures after the brutal sex offender.

He looks harmless, but a brutal rapist slumbers in him. In the pictures of the surveillance camera acts the 33-year-old Libyan summarizes harmless. But after the 14-second video begins the martyrdom of a Berlin waitress (48).

The culprit fits the right moment in the café and threatens her with a bottle. Because the woman defends so much, the man repeatedly hits with bottles on the head and upper body of the woman. He rapes her for 25 minutes. The woman is seriously injured.

After the fomenting of the sex offender was unsuccessful so far, the police are now asking witnesses who recognize the offender to contact them.

Dieser Mann vergewaltigte eine Kellnerin brutal
We are looking for this man
Photo: Police Berlin

The police are certain that the perpetrator is the 33-year-old Libyan Fatha Chinan . Nevertheless, the search has so far been unsuccessful. Meanwhile, there is a clue of 2000 euros for clues to the offender .

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