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Sylvie Meis: "I just like it more simple today

Sylvie Meis was in front of the camera for her "The Sylvie Collection" for Hunkemöller even in London.
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Sylvie Meis again designs lingerie collection for hunkemöller

In Amsterdam, Sylvie Meis presented her new laundry line for Hunkemöller. With us she talked about lingerie, her new self-image and brightly lit changing rooms.

So sexy, so styled ... and sooo simple! Simple? Nobody has ever associated this property with Sylvie Meis ! At least as long as the 36-year-old even under the name Sylvie van der Vaart jumped through the press and red carpets. After turbulent months in which divorce, a family that suddenly had to find themselves completely new, and potential on-off lover dominated the headlines, Sylvie Meis finds new.

How she has changed and how this also affected her fashion taste, the moderator told us in an interview .

Through your jobs, but also through your private life, you are a lot in the public eye. How has your look changed?

I dress much simpler today than before. Less accessories, less jewelry. Maybe it's my life, or what I've experienced in recent years, that's what triggered it. Or simply the fact that you get older and thereby change your style. Arbitrator, I feel better today. This also applies to the Hunkemöller collection and the associated campaign. When I see the photos, I think, "Yes, that's the Sylvie that I am now."

If you should formulate your most important styling rule. Which one would that be?

Less is more! Today I prefer to take the last accessory away instead of carrying too much. That's how my look works.


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Which part of the Hunkemöller collection exactly matches your personal taste?

My favorite is the powder lace body with chain detail on the back. Also great: the kimono over a linen set with suspenders. The combination of pastel pink and black lace I find very strong, feminine and sophisticated. At the same time, it radiates lightness and playfulness.

How much "Sylvie" is in the collection?

Much! We start in time to develop the collection. Zoe Price Smith, head designer of Hunkemöller, takes care of the fits and first sketches. The inspiration, moods and the selection of fabrics we make together. We also choose "London", the theme of the new collection. Zoe knows me very well by now, knows what I like and how I imagine the collection. We build on that and put everything together. I love the creative process and the variety of being able to do something different every time.

Buying laundry is not fun for every woman. Do you have a tip on how to still feel good about half naked in a brightly lit cabin?

It is important to cream the body nicely at home so that you do not stand in front of the mirror with rough and dry skin. Also, I'm not a fan of locker rooms, that can make you depressed. Nevertheless, my tip: try on! You just see the difference between things that are really good and clothes that are just so-so. I do not mind if I think "It looks okay". Underwear must make me happy, then I buy it.

What do you like most about yourself?

The overall picture. My proportions are right - and I am very happy about that.

How hard do you work on yourself?

Even if the proportions are correct, I still have to do a lot for my body. I do a lot of sport. When a lingerie shoot is due, I train more and eat less carbohydrates. I just take care of myself. But if I do not have a shoot and I'm not on the beach in front of 20 paparazzi, I can relax more.

Sylvie Meis with Zoë Price-Smith, Head of Design at Hunkemöller.

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