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Facebook Messenger: Chat lock in Facebook app

In the coming days Facebook imposes a chat lock. The news feature from the app should disappear.

Photo: facebook

The alternative: the Facebook Messenger.

The chat button is retained, but is disabled. Anyone who presses it will automatically be redirected to Facebook Messenger or prompted to download it.

For a long time, Facebook has been asking to download the messenger. Anyone who surrenders and downloads the Facebook Messenger is still annoyed. And with the request to recommend the Facebook Messenger to his friends.

In the US, the Facebook Messenger has already successfully enforced. Germany was spared - until now. Facebook has confirmed the English-language blog TechCrunch that they would disable the news feature in Germany now.

The reason? Obviously. Anyone who sends messages via Facebook Messenger usually responds around 20% faster. Faster answers mean more news means more money.

PC, mobile browser, Feauture Phones and iPads should not be affected by the innovation.

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