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Make it halfway for the beauty! Beauty detox: time out for nicer skin, hair and nails

Scaly skin or thin hair and brittle nails

Also detox for the skin, hair and nails is important
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- Problems many women are struggling with. Often it is not lack of care to blame for the condition of the skin, hair and nails, but too much care! Anyone who takes a little rest from time to time when it comes to creams, washing hair and painting nails can quickly become happy in terms of beauty. And that's how easy beauty detox works!


Most people's skin is very sensitive and therefore prone to being over-cushioned by too many products and ingredients. In other words, the more the skin creams we use take over the skin's own activity, the less the skin itself does. This creates a spiral of dry, irritated skin and more and more care needed. It becomes clear that less in terms of skin care is clearly more.

By exaggerated skin care, in the worst case even a perioral dermatitis (or a mouth rose) can be triggered. This causes a rash on the face - usually in the area around the mouth. A typical feature is that the dropout spares a narrow area around the lips. Chin, cheeks and nose can also be affected. A special feature of the skin disease is the symmetrical appearance on both halves of the face. The facial skin is often reddened at the affected areas, dry and it burns and tenses. In addition, there is often an unpleasant itching. Small, red nodules and purulent vesicles as well as dandruff are also typical symptoms of the oral rose.

In order to return to a normal skin function and barrier, usually weeks or even months completely without care products are necessary . This is exhausting because the skin also goes through phases that feel uncomfortable and / or do not look good. Together with a good beautician it is easier to endure the detox cure for the skin to the end. If, contrary to expectations, nothing improves, it can help to visit the pharmacy of trust and ask for expert advice.

Important for a healthy skin barrier are salts, the ceramide content of the skin and a proper care for the skin type. Especially salts are important for the skin. Therefore one should pay attention to the not so widespread Natural Moisturizing Factor (NMF). Also important: Use alcohol and fragrance-free products, because fragrances can easily trigger allergies, while alcohol can dry out the stressed skin and cause an unpleasant burning sensation.

For skin cleansing, non-foaming products are better for skin function. Although we are used to practical cleaning methods. A sensitive, non-foaming cleansing gel is better for the skin.


Behind the trend of great "Cleansing Reduction" is hidden care-detox for skin and hair. This means not only less showering and creaming, but also not so often or simply washing your hair without shampoo. Excessive care destroys the natural protective layer of the hair just as it does the skin. They react with a sebum overproduction. Result: The hair gets greasy much faster and the result is a vicious circle of washing and greasy hair.

Experts advise hair as rarely as possible and with as little care to wash. Only the approach should be shampooed, because the lengths are often dry, so they only dry out more through increased care.


Not so much the nail polish, but the nail polish remover dries out the nails. The more frequently you change the color, the more the nails suffer. They become brittle, split or even break off in the worst case. Therefore, one should treat his nails from time to time a little detox and use neither nail polish nor nail polish remover. In order to liberate the nails additionally from pollutants, they can also be rubbed off occasionally with a little lemon juice and then cared for with almond oil.

Admitting, no matter if detox for the hair, skin or nails, the withdrawal of the accustomed products is never easy. Nevertheless, great results with cosmetic abstinence can be achieved. Of course, not all three areas always need to be taken care of at the same time . But even so, hair, skin and nails will be thankful if they are just left alone.

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