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Three, two, one - mine!

These three were first :-)
Photo: YouTube / adoptive parents get two unexpected twists

How triplets became fives plus one

Sarah and Andy Justice wanted children after their wedding. For three years they tried - nothing happened. So they decided on an adoption.

The woman who was to give birth to her children soon surprised the couple with the good news: they are going to be triplets!

Sarah and Andy could hardly believe their luck - after all, they did not want any more than a big family. Soon they could hold the triplets Joel, Hannah and Elizabeth in her arms. However, this particular luck lasted only a week. Then something very unusual happened.

Sarah started to feel worse. She thought it was because of the stress you have with triplets. When it did not get better, she went to the gynecologist. After looking at the ultrasound, it quickly became clear: Sarah is pregnant - with twins !

Seven months later, Abigail and Andrew were born - the couple's first biological children.

About the sum - 5 children under one year - the couple was very happy. So much so that they did not want to give up the baby war! True to the motto: more is always possible!

So they decided to become parents again. For the time being, her last baby was born in January 2016. "It's the best thing that could ever happen to us, " Sarah says about her six children. Should more follow? Never say never ...

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