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DIY guide: It's that easy to turn a fruit box into a stool

You can sit comfortably on this box.
Photo: deco & style

Practical box

Stool and side table in one: how an old fruit box becomes an original piece of furniture is revealed in this detailed guide.

That's what you need for the stool:

  • fiberfill
  • a wooden plate, 2 cm thick, length and width corresponds to the box
  • thin chipboard with the same dimensions
  • Tins
  • Cotton fabric (should be 10 cm longer than the plate on all sides)
  • screw
  • two hinges
  • stapler
  • drilling machine
  • pencil

And that's how easy it is:

1. Make upholstery on chipboard with plenty of filler cotton.

2. Place fabric over the cotton wool and staple on the underside of the plate. If the padding is not strong enough, top up more stuffing from the side.

3. Drill thick wooden plate from below against the upholstery.

4. Mark the drill holes for the hinges in the box and on the plate with a pencil. Drill both hinges.

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