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That's why we love ballerinas again in 2015 - with shopping tips

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The most comfortable summer shoes

Supposedly men find ballerinas just awful. Women, on the other hand, idolize this summer shoe. 8 reasons to lose heart to the flats.

Yes, most men have a problem with ballerinas somehow. This has not improved in 2015. But just because we women find it wonderful, the classics on our feet are indispensable this summer - sorry, men!

That's why we love Ballerinas in 2015 too

1. They fit any outfit: pants, dress, skirt - it does not matter!

2. You always look well dressed with them, with a touch of class.

3. They are wonderfully uncomplicated: you just slip in just as fast as you can out of the shoe.

4. Who does not like to show his toes in the summer: Here with the ballerinas, then with the sandals!

5. They come in so many colors and patterns that you can buy the right model for every look.

6. They are flat - and therefore incredibly comfortable. Especially in the heat swollen feet.

7. Thanks to its proximity to the ground, the risk of tripping on ballerinas on barbecue grounds, festival grounds and Co. disappears.

8. Even though the boyfriend hates ballerinas, we are sure to get praise and appreciation from women for the new ones on our feet.

And because we do not get enough of Ballerinas 2015, there are some great shopping tips to follow:

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