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Nazi scandal at Mango! Blouse with "flashing" reminiscent of SS symbol

The "blouse with lightning pattern" is currently still in the online shop.
Photo: Manufacturer

Shitstorm on Twitter: SS-like symbol causes excitement

I beg your pardon? Mango sells a "blouse with a lightning-flash", the pressure of which is very reminiscent of the SS sig-rune. Sure, the Twitter Shitstorm was not long in coming!

After Zara made negative headlines with a children's shirt that recalled the uniform of a concentration camp prisoner and Urban Offfitters with a bloody "Kent State" sweatshirt irreverently reminiscent of a massacre at the US university, now follows the next shocker in a clothing chain: Mango currently has a " blouse with lightning" in the assortment, which triggered an indignant storm on Twitter. The reason: The pattern is reminiscent of the so-called Sig-rune, the symbol of Hitler's whipping troops, the SS .

The Sig rune is banned in every variation in Germany. "It was used in its double form by the SS, and simply by the German young people, " writes the Federal Agency for Civic Education. "She was probably originally the 'Sunrune' the Nazis interpreted her as a 'victory' rune."

The Twitter community reacts with malice and ridicule. There is no official statement from Mango yet.

Highly interesting look, @ Mango! Where you always get your inspiration ...

- Jan Miebach (@JanMie) 16 October 2014

Hello @ Mango, why is this shirt only for women? Would be synonymous for male Nazis of interest.

- Daniel Mack (@danielmack) October 16, 2014

Loool "Do you want the total look?" Shirt with 'lightning pattern' at # Mango All modern from 1943

- Gigaplex (@ Gigaplex1) October 16, 2014

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