Recommended, 2022

Editor'S Choice

Mini gourds in the planter with berries

  • Frischblumensteckschaum (from the florist)
  • Planter (hardware store)
  • 2-3 ivy banks
  • Mixed berries (eg

      Rowan berries in yellow and red; Rosehips; Euonymus)
    • 6-7 ornamental squashes
    • White wooden tray (department store)

    1. Cut the floral foam so that it fits in the planter. Water slowly.

    2. Put moist floral foam in the planter.

    3. Put ivy and berries on the edge of the pot in the floral foam.

    4. Place the pumpkins in the middle.

    5. Put the pot on a tray and also distribute some pumpkins all around.